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Fedruary, 2014 -- Starship Adventures provides DE State Flag for Iowa Boy Scout Project.
See photos of flags and Scott, the boy scout responsible for this special project link -- link

Capt. Kirk is Delmarva's senior and most experienced balloon pilot with over 660 hours piloting balloons. He is a former Balloon Federation of America (BFA) National Champion, a former BFA Virginia State Hot Air Balloon Champion, and the current BFA Delaware State Champion.     

Capt. Kirk first piloted a balloon in 1983. Since 1989 he has flown in ballooning competitions throughout the East Coast and as far West as Albuquerque, NM. In 1995 Capt. Kirk was invited to participate in the World Hot Air Balloon Championship held in Battle Creek Michigan. He finished 6th in the Fiesta Division. In 1996 Capt. Kirk won the Balloon Federation of America’s National Championship for the Fiesta Division. He flew in the Albuquerque International Balloon Festival, the Grand Prix of ballooning, from 2004 to 2012. In 2005 Capt. Kirk and co-pilot Rene Meier finished first place in the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta Long Jump Competition flying 70 miles in four hours at altitudes as high as 16,600 feet. From 2000 to 2007 Capt. Kirk routinely finished in the top 100 competitive pilots flying in Balloon Federation of America competition tasks.

Capt. Kirk first acquired his current balloon in 1987. He was a First Lieutenant in the U.S. Army at the time and promptly named it “Starship” in honor of the Star Trek television series. Capt. Kirk says it was the only “Logical” choice. Since then he has been known as “Captain Kirk” both in and out of the Army. Capt. Kirk retired from the U.S. Army in 2007 with 34 years of military service and now devotes his time to flying balloons.

Starship was completely rebuilt in 2000 and undergoes a complete safety inspection every year to ensure all components are fully functional and operating safely. Capt. Kirk routinely conducts equipment inspections to ensure that all equipment is fully functional and operating at the highest standards.

Capt. Kirk offers scenic balloon flights over the central Delmarva peninsula where your flight path will take you over the luscious fields and small towns of the Delmarva countryside. You will fly at various altitudes, from just above the trees to 3000 feet, limited only by your willingness to fly.

Sunrise flight north of Ridgeley MD A balloon flight is a unique and exhilarating experience for all ages. Flights begin just prior to sunrise or approximately three hours prior to sunset. Since light winds provide the most pleasurable flight, you will fly when Mother Nature provides the safest weather conditions. All flights are approximately one hour long but you must allow three or four hours for your complete aerial adventure.

Prices for Delmarva flights:
One passenger - $250
Two or more passengers (maximum four) - $200 per person

A $100 deposit is required to reserve a specific date or flight. Deposits are fully refunded if we are unable to provide a flight.

Gift Certificates are available and must be paid in full at the time of purchase.

Customer Comments:

"I wanted to thank you and your family again for a wonderful time. You made our first experience with hot air ballooning a memorable one. I especially enjoyed being part of the process and would be happy to recommend you to any of our friends and family should they be interested.

Good luck on all future flights.

Thanks again Cindy and Jason

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